Like most of the country, I’m sick of leadership spills, the fighting, the bullying and the spin that comes from our politicians. I want more for our country! I would like to see some real leadership that isn’t scared to look at long term issues and isn’t scared to deal with the bigger issues or to occasionally take an unpopular stance. I would like to see some positivity and long-term vision that influences us to be our best and to make changes to build a great future. I would like to see an environment in Canberra that sets our politicians up to thrive, to be productive and innovative.

I believe for many years, on both side of politics our politicians have lead us to a sense of entitlement and very short-term thinking. It appears that the biggest waste of our tax dollars is paying for politicians who spend more time on fighting, bullying, back stabbing, creating fear, creating spin, personal promotion, and coming up with band-aid policies. We seem to be stuck in a repetitive loop, Australia is staring in Groundhog Day!

From someone that works in leadership and helping leaders be their best, I am worried that our highest leaders are not setting the right example. So, I ask three questions. Where is our Jacinda Ardern? What needs to change in our political system to bring out the best leadership? How do we make sure we are not playing this ridiculous leadership game in our organisations?


For a start, what questions are guiding our parliament? My guess here is the questions are something like, how do we win the next election? How do I win/keep my seat? How does my fraction win the top leadership position? I do not think leadership can serve us if it is motivated by selfish short-term questions. The whole set up of our system encourages and rewards the wrong behaviour. Which is a real shame because I do believe that most politicians get into politics to make a difference. Something needs to change to break our Groundhog Day cycle. We need to ask better questions.

What questions are being asked in your organisation? Do they align to big picture, long term success? If not, start asking better questions.