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Karen Clerici
Karen ClericiDirector

Karen puts people first! Her passion is to support and challenge leaders to be their best and to create effective learning environments to ensure people and organisations thrive.

Karen has led financial services organisations in both Gippsland and Melbourne, achieving great success in senior leadership roles such as Group Commercial Manager, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner. Karen is a member of the International Coaching Federation and has completed a graduate certificate of organisational coaching with Swinburne University. Karen dedicates her time and energy to improving leadership as she believes leaders can change the world!

As a chartered accountant and business professional Karen understands the importance of improving the bottom line. Her philosophy is you cannot sustain financial performance if your people are not with you.

As a coach, mentor, facilitator and adviser Karen helps you lead yourself, teams, and organisations. Karen works with individuals and organisations and tailors solutions to help you and your business grow.

The combination of holding senior leadership roles, a commercial background, and a people first approach puts Karen in an exceptional position to develop leadership and make a real difference.


“I had the privilege of having Karen as a mentor for over 3 years, during which time I was not only able to experience her coaching and leadership first hand, but also see her contribute to the wider leadership and culture of our organisation. Karen has a unique skill set, combining excellent business acumen with a passion for improving culture and team performance. Through her ability to actively challenge people’s thinking, whilst building genuine relationships, Karen is able to create a safe environment for personal growth. She takes the time to truly understand a business and their goals, before working collaboratively to engage teams and leaders to achieve. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough as a leadership coach.”

Sarah Covington

“In my 10 years working with Crowe Horwath, Karen Clerici stands out as the leader who held everything together in the firm.  She handles situations in a calm and thoughtful way – often diffusing potentially volatile situations before they come to a head. She was everybody’s go-to for sound advice – from senior partners to trainees.

I had the pleasure of working closely with Karen for a time and saw the way she managed people, including myself, and bought out the best in everyone.  She personally gave me the tools and confidence to undertake many projects and achievements that I would not have thought possible.

Karen has my utmost respect as a business woman and I would highly recommend her for providing good counsel, balanced perspective and superior mentorship.”

Sheridan Campbell

“As a new leader I was lucky enough to have the guidance of Karen to help me find my management style which reflected what my team needed and what I needed.”

Natasha Rhodes

“Karen has been a personal mentor and leader that I have worked with for 14 years.  Karen’s coaching and guidance has supported my personal development and leadership journey and helped me to become a better leader.  Her focus on developing others has also helped the teams that I have worked in achieve success in many different ways.  Karen’s approach is perceptive and thoughtful, and she skilfully guides and challenges people and teams get the best out of themselves.  I highly recommend Karen as a coach and mentor.”

Trevor Gordijn

“Karen has been an amazing mentor to me and has been able to guide me through my professional career to ensure that I optimise opportunities through assisting in defining the skills I need to further develop and also on how to promote my strengths in the corporate environment.

Karen understands the financial and non-financial elements associated in leadership roles, and is highly intuitive, which makes her a powerful mentor.  She truly listens and provides considered responses which I found encouraged me to focus on the core issues and how to keep myself accountable.

Given her extensive career in professional services industry, she has a great understanding of the challenges and issues facing leadership teams.

Amazing listener, critical thinker, considered responses, encourages me to challenge myself, calming influence, well read, forward thinking, knows what is going on.”

Sarah Davie

“Working alongside Karen for 8 years, she was an enormous part of my individual growth, development and set me up to succeed in many aspects of my career.

Karen challenged my thinking and broadened my insights to business to get the most out of all situations and learn from them. She provided constant support and guidance – a great communicator and all round leader!

Her ability to coach, manage and support individuals is a one of a kind.  Her people skills are outstanding and ability to adapt to and engage with all personality types is rare. A true inspiration to me, always has been and always will be!”

Lauren Sheehan

“Karen’s advice and guidance has been invaluable in helping me be a better manager and leader, and progress in my career.”

Lucy Laurie-Rhodes

“I feel extremely privileged and grateful to have had the opportunity to work under the guidance of Karen. She was a very caring and supportive leader and someone I still look up to. She knew how to bring a team together and taught me so much about how teams should work and what to expect from one another.”

Emma Taylor

“I had the privilege of working with Karen as my mentor for over 3 years and I can honestly say from that time with Karen I have never met anyone as kind, compassionate, patient and thoughtful as Karen. The way Karen interacts with people is one of a kind.

Karen has given me many tools to use going forward in my career which I can use in any situation, not just as a leader.

Words can’t explain just how inspirational Karen is, her knowledge of business operations and understanding of people is outstanding. I highly recommend Karen as a mentor and coach.”

Laura Williams