Having personal mantras, or guiding behaviours is a way to remind us what is important and who we want to be. It keeps us on the right path when we are in difficult situations, or when we might make the wrong choice without thinking.

Below I have shared my leadership mantras, in the form of my leadership profile. This is something I started a couple of years ago with Nick Oddy at Swinburne University. I like to keep these where I can see them and read them each day. I find that the one I need pops into my head just at the right time to keep me on track.

What are your leadership mantras or guiding behaviours?

Leading Myself                                                                          

  • Do no harm; leave every place a little better for me being there
  • Reflect, am I being effective? If Yes, keep going, if no, try something else
  • Look to good influences when times are tough, avoid the negative energy suckers

Leadership Skills

  • Be curious, don’t judge, don’t jump to assumptions
  • Harmony is not always effective, be comfortable with challenge and conflict

Leading People

  • Take time to give myself to others, take time to connect to the person
  • Give thought to how things feel from others’ perspective
  • Don’t do for others, empower, support and coach
  • Buy into others’ futures, their dreams and goals

Leading the Thinking

  • Share a problem and ideas, encourage & facilitate input
  • Create focus on the right things, remove distractions
  • Ask more and more questions, leave time for thinking
  • Start a movement, create a future, create belief, create excitement, get everyone involved

Leading a Balanced and Authentic Life

  • Do the right thing, if you leave it, expect others to do the same
  • Step away, breathe, empty my mind, then listen to my mind fill with the important things
  • Meditation and walking keeps me calm, heightens my awareness and leads to smarter choices